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[Pva CMS version 0.326 - MMORPG version 0.40 (alpha)]

Changes from last version
    Changed in version 0.326
  • Rebuilded SQL class, performance profit of 80% and easyer to debug querys
  • Sitemap is now generated via content management system on page load
  • Changed all querys front-end based on new SQL class
  • Encryption on login and registration
    Changed in version 0.312
  • Several Updates in SQL class
  • Some tweaks inside the Bootstrap
    Added in version 0.312
  • Registration module
  • Login module
  • Activation module
  • Game environment
  • Session class
    Changed in version 0.238
  • Seperated some functions into models
  • Frontpage facelift
  • Back-end installed
  • Site open for public
    Added in version 0.238
  • Carousel on impression front-end
  • Several controllers
  • Several javascripts
  • Several view scripts
  • Game map for demo view (not yet visible for public)